Picnic 2019

For the last twenty eight years, the Association of Vietnamese Americans (AVA), formerly known as the Maryland Vietnamese Mutual Association (MVMA), has organized an annual Academic Awards Ceremony to recognize outstanding Vietnamese American students attending Maryland public schools for their excellence in academic performance, leadership skills and community involvement.  Last year, AVA recognized over 90 students who were nominated by their Montgomery County public schools.

In addition to the student academic awards, each year, we will give out two $1,000 college scholarships and will also recognize teachers and counselors for their contributions to Vietnamese American students’ academic success, and for helping to enrich the students’ lives.  The awards ceremony will be followed by a community picnic which students, parents, and other Vietnamese community members are invited to attend.

Tet 2020

The Lunar New Year, or Tet, is a wonderful time of festivities, celebration, and renewal for Vietnamese Americans and other Asian Americans. Asian Americans are the fastest growing population in the United States, of whom the DC Metropolitan area has one of the largest concentrations in the nation. Since 1988, the Vietnamese American community has entrusted our organization, the Association of Vietnamese Americans (AVA), with the responsibility of organizing the Annual Lunar New Year Tet Festival in Maryland to maintain and preserve Vietnamese customs and traditions, with quality entertainment program.

What’s a better way to start off the Lunar New Year than delicious Vietnamese specialty dishes, and traditional desserts and drinks? At the same time, sit back and enjoy the best Tet entertainment show in the Washington D.C. area with the energetic Dragon Dance, the beautiful Miss Ao Dai Pageant, and the adorable Children Pageant Contest (Thi Tre Em Dep).

*** Vendor booth registration: thao.bui@vietnameseassociation.org

*** Contest registration and sponsorship inquiry: chau.huynh@mdvietmutual.org.

Admission:  $3/Adults, $2/children & senior citizens