Current Services

Due to the changing needs of our diverse population, we currently provide direct services through three programs:

  1. The Vietnamese Parenting Enrichment Project (VPEP) which empowers parents to be more involved in their children’s education;
  2. The Golden Age Project for Seniors (GAPS) which links limited-English-proficiency seniors to health care resources that are vital to healthy aging in-place; and
  3. The New Americans Advocacy Services (NAAS), our longest standing program which assists immigrants and refugees of all backgrounds with permanent residency and the path to citizenship. AVA is the first and only Vietnamese community organization in the nation recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), legally sanctioned to provide immigration assistance & representation.

Outside of these direct service programs, we also host annual events to promote cultural traditions, history, art and language: Tet Lunar New Year Festival, Academic Awards Picnic, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Health Fair.

Our Successes

For 30 years, AVA has provided culturally and linguistically appropriate direct services to the Vietnamese and other immigrant communities. Due to our reach and visibility in the community , we also serve as a liaison for many agencies to ensure that vital information reaches our constituents.  We attribute our success to our ability to anticipate the changing needs in the community and responding appropriately to these needs.  In 2008, AVA was selected by the Harmon Foundation for inclusion in their Catalogue for Philanthropy as “one of the best small charities in the greater Washington Region”.